You can send traffic to your website and Facebook pages all day long but without knowing what your audience NEEDS to see and connecting all the pieces together in a way that MAKES SENSE to your prospects from a marketing perspective…

You’re going to be throwing your money down the drain pretty quickly!

The Marketing Tip Report is a simple way to determine what is working well and what needs improvement in your marketing strategy so you can have the power to drive your prospects to exactly where they need to be correctly.
  •  A full understanding on what is working and what's not with your overall design, branding and placement on your website and Facebook pages
  •  Knowing how I used proper marketing strategies that are current with today's industry standards to generate a steady flow of leads and thereby passive revenue for a client and triple another client's page likes and engagement, all from the personalized information I provided in the marketing report!
  •  Knowing EXACTLY how to overcome what you are struggling with in your marketing strategy based on what all the experts are talking about (and using) - CTA (Call To Action), bots, sales funnels, pixels or even your actual emails.
  •  The ability to generate leads and utilize all the tools you already have in your toolbox effectively to turn your ideal customer prospects into WARM and HOT leads - the power of effective marketing on your website and Facebook pages go way beyond what you even realize!
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Here is the thing - you as a newbie think that all of these experts became online famous because they are on TV or they started out with a lot of money and then were able to easily promote themselves on the internet.


I gathered these screenshots to show you that all of those websites and Facebook pages that you see and like by the experts are actually THE REASON why they continuously grow their revenue with a constant stream of new leads entering their sales funnels every day.  Their passive income is from the correct marketing strategy and execution on their websites and social media platforms so they can EARN MONEY in their sleep!
Russell Brunson uses an autoplay video to introduce what his visitors will learn on his blog because he knows that video will draw them in and the arrows will get them to signup for updates.
Amy Porterfield clearly introduces herself using an image and text that speaks to her specific ideal customer.  Her pop-up window allows one last chance for her audience to opt-in.
Suze Orman offers a Free Video Series to attract her ideal customers into her funnel.  Her picture on the pop-up gives a friendly face to more quickly build a relationship with her target audience.
Tony Robbins shows minimal social links (Facebook and Twitter).  His background is a silent video on auto play so his target audience can really see themselves at his event.  His automatic scheduler affords him the ability to delegate business-related tasks to others so he can focus on his talent.
Gary Vaynerchuk has his picture for his profile instead of a logo.  He has several videos and images that he posts often.  He uses messenger bots to boost his sales.
Chalene Johnson's cover photo promotes her newest product and gives a clear CTA (Call To Action) to "Buy Now".  She directs her cold traffic (new visitors) to "Watch Video".  She gets in front of the camera and shares her story on Facebook through video.  She customized her links on the left side bar to promote all areas of her business. 
It’s time for you to get with what is REALLY working and
leverage the real power of your website and Facebook business pages.

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I absolutely love all of the personalized marketing feedback I received from Meliss on my marketing strategy! She let me know what was working well, and what needs to come next. It's a much appreciated and needed relief to turn the overwhelm and ambiguity of where to begin, into actionable next steps! Looking forward to working with her again on more business projects, she knows her stuff!
Megan A., Professional Intuitive at Megan Alexandria
 I am absolutely pleased by the work you have done with me and my marketing strategy. I found your website to be clear, understandable and so appealing. Your service was exceptional and the marketing report you presented was on point. You highlighted what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong and provided solutions to turn my wrongs into result oriented steps. I really appreciate your advise and I will be making steps to make changes right away! I would definitely recommend your service to other entrepreneurs just getting started and not sure how to use their tools to have marketing results and paying clients.
Zanny D., Owner at Zanur Tours
I was wowed by Meliss’ audit on my website and social media presence! In a detailed report, she told me the good things I should continue doing and what can be improved upon to make it even better. Her report gave me more clarity on how the pieces link and which ones I can start working on. Not so small report, BIG value!
Ping W., Owner at Techie Tutorials, Heartprenuer Mom
I am so grateful to Meliss for taking the time to create her in-depth marketing report for me. She clearly reviewed the details of my website and Facebook page with organized, easy-to- follow suggestions.  After having a bad experience with a marketing person, I am now excited to begin healing my relationship with my online presence with her help. That is an incredibly huge shift!!  Meliss is sincere and supportive in every way. I look forward to working with her!
Aliza M., Owner at Aliza Energy Healing
People just like you are making money online. They aren't relying on luck. They are leveraging what's working NOW to build their businesses.

Get your PERSONALIZED Marketing Tip Report & you'll see just how absolutely easy it is to have success when you follow proven marketing strategies. 
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